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Monday, February 2, 2015

Choosing Tire Type Wet or Dry For Motorcycle

The road condition is very influential on the performance and comfort while riding a motorcycle. Not only that, the road conditions are wet or dry after rain in summer also have an increased risk respectively. That's why deciding the right type of tire for your bike is very necessary. You need to know that there are various types of tires, the wet type, dry type and type two. These types have different uses.

As the name implies, the type of tires used specifically for wet roads are often wet. Tires of this type usually have a lot of grooves that reach up to the edge of the tire. This groove serves to remove water when the tire rolls through the streets were wet and watery. However, this will decrease the tire traction on dry roads. In contrast, dry type tires have little or even not at all have the groove. These tires have the best traction when used on dry roads. But traction will be reduced when the road gets wet and will increase the risk of slipping.

While the third type can be used for both conditions, both wet and dry. Tire type is the most commonly used in Indonesia as a tropical climate. This tire has a groove that is not too much and good traction. To distinguish this type of tire can you look at the specs on your tires. Often the factory write wet type, dry or wet cleaning. Adjust the type of tire with road conditions that often you pass to maximize your safety and driving comfort.

I hope this information about ChoosingTire Type Wet or Dry For Motorcycle is useful.....
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