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Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Tips to Clean Glass dewy

Heavy rains would have a major role in making the car into a dewy glass. The reason is due to the different conditions of air temperature between inside and outside the car. From this, in order to remain comfortable while driving, is needed so that the glass is not easy handling dewy. 

Many things can be done of course. The first way is to equalize the air temperature is outside the cabin and in the cabin. It's easy, just open the car window wide open so that air can enter freely. But, how is the risk that passengers will be getting wet. Another way can be done by turning on your air conditioner. From there, the air inside the cabin as well balance will decrease and the temperature outside and inside the car. If you feel cold, we can do the following way. 

The next way is by applying shampoo on the inside of the windshield. The task of this shampoo to inhibit condensation on the glass. But, keep in mind, should not be done while driving. Of course this would be foaming shampoo and interfere with vision. Therefore, it is advisable to do so while being stopped. Suppose before departure and it in rainy conditions. Or indeed paused at rest on the way. 

I hope this information about Tips to Clean Glass dewy is useful .....
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